WeightLossDietingPlan – How To Get Motivated To Lose Weight Like A Movie Star Does For A Role! (5 Easy Steps)

Have you ever looked at a movie and wondered how the heck did a particular actor/actress lose so much weight and/or gained muscle… and can keep on doing this off and on for lots of movie roles? If so, then in this article I’m going to share with you some powerful tips on how to get motivated to lose weight… just like a movie star!

You see, the reasons why YOU may get motivated to improve your body are more than likely going to be different than that of a movie star. The primary reasons a movie star has no problem with transforming their bodies so quickly… and can keep on doing this time after time is because:

A.) They get paid A LOT of money to do so.

B.) Their career depends on it.

C.) They have some very expensive personal trainers and dietitians helping them along the way.

More than likely, NONE of those things will apply to you and me.

But that’s okay.

You still can get the essence of a movie star’s motivation without needing to get paid a ton of money to do so, or having your job based around looking lean and sexy, or having to spend thousands of dollars on top of the line trainers and dietitians.

What you can do to greatly skyrocket your motivation level to stick with healthy eating and exercising so that you can lose weight and improve your body is:

1. Understand that every action you take is a building block to your new body…

Pay attention to 4 words of the above sentence (every, action, building, block). Why? Well, that’s because when you look at dieting and exercising this way, it will seem a whole lot easier to stick to. For example, eating a salad is a building block, doing a 15 minute body-weight exercise routine is a building block, drinking a glass of water is a building block, etc.

The more blocks you stack on top of each other, the more your awesome new body will take shape! Looking at diet and exercise as a whole seems overwhelming… and that could cause you to lose motivation VERY quickly.

2. Understand that every slip you make removes ONE of those building blocks I just talked about above…


The key here to remember is that if you slip (i.e. you had a piece of chocolate cake), you simply just removed ONE block. Most people think that just by slipping once, that they just knocked down all their blocks and they have completely failed!

3. Come up with 2 primary goals… and then FOCUS on daily goals…

There are 2 goals anyone looking to improve their bodies should have. Those goals are a main goal and a motivating goal.

A main goal would be something like you wanting to lose weight to prevent obesity related diseases, you wanting to live longer, etc.

A motivating goal is something that is exciting and will keep you pushing towards reaching that body you have always wanted. A goal like this could be to lose X amount of pounds before a special event coming up, to look amazing at the beach, to increase your self-esteem, etc.

Now that you have your 2 primary goals figured out, put them somewhere as a reminder (computer screen, on your fridge, etc.). What you are going to do now is you want to keep those goals in mind, but you don’t want to FOCUS on those goals.

Focusing on your primary goals will eventually cause you to lose motivation… and that’s because you are going to end up focusing on your overall goal too much (which could be needing to lose 25 pounds of body fat and add on muscle in order to get that beach body you want)… and this will become overwhelming.

What you want to do instead is you want to focus on achieving DAILY goals. For example, your goals for today could be to get in at least 30 minutes of fitness, drink at least 2 liters of water, and avoid any type of food with sugar in it.

This is similar to those building blocks I talked about above. Once you focus more on accomplishing DAILY goals, this whole weight loss thing will seem a whole lot easier and fun… trust me. All you have to do is keep stacking successful days on top of each other… and before you know it, you’ll start seeing amazing results!

4. Willpower is ALWAYS hungry due to the world we live in…

What do I mean by that? Well, have you ever had a ton of motivation and willpower to start a diet and exercise program… only to lose this willpower within a week or two? You know why this happened? It’s due to the world we live in! Fast food restaurants EVERYWHERE, co-workers bringing in tempting foods, parties and events with delicious foods all over, and more!

The key to success with maintaining willpower is that you have to consistently “feed” your willpower. To do this, you need to keep reminding yourself of your 2 primary goals mentioned above, and you need to surround yourself with as much health motivation as possible (health magazines, watching motivational YouTube videos everyday, seeing before and after photos, etc.).

That being said, the greatest tool for increasing your willpower is R.E.S.U.L.T.S! Once you start feeling healthier, looking better, fitting your clothes better, etc., that piece of chocolate cake won’t look so tempting after all!

5. The “Tomorrow Diet” doesn’t exist…

I used to be a believer of starting a diet and exercise plan on a specific day (such as the beginning of the week or some special day). I later realized that all this does is weakens your willpower and motivational levels. When you are ready to commit to losing weight, find a good reputable diet program that you feel will be best for you… and START!

It doesn’t matter if you ate like crap all day and you are reading this article at 6 P.M., make a wise decision RIGHT NOW… and take action RIGHT NOW. Tell yourself that you do not need a special day to begin, you are willing to make a change at ANYTIME. That is actually one of the best ways to increase your willpower!

So, if you want get motivated to lose weight like a movie star does for a role, you may not be able to get those things that motivate movie stars (lots of money, improved career, and expensive assistance), but if you put those 5 tips above in place, I assure you, you could actually look better than a movie star before you know it!

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