Paleo Diet Plan – Pros & Cons

By now, you have probably heard plenty of family and friends talking about the Paleo diet plan.

Ready to Go?

Bloggers and nutrition gurus have come up with plenty of recipes and diet plans over the years to encourage people to transition to a different kind of dietary lifestyle. Which is great and all – but why Paleo? What’s so noteworthy about it?

What is the Paleo diet? The goal of the Paleo diet is to eat foods that early humans are believed to have eaten, which include protein sources, fats, vegetables and fruits. Grains and dairy, for the most part, are not included in the Paleo diet menu for reasons we will break down below. Many adopt the Paleo diet to lose weight, improve health, have better recovery after exercise or any number of other reasons, but it can also be viewed as a lifestyle change that focuses on eating healthier and fresher foods.
Another key feature of the Paleo diet is that it aims to eliminate the consumption of processed foods. Humans, nowadays, eat far too many foods we do not prepare and cook ourselves. Foods processed in a factory containing added sugars, preservatives and who knows what else. This is possibly one of the diet’s most appealing and widely accepted elements among nutrition professionals — that it revolves around nothing but fresh, whole, real foods.

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