Anti-Inflammation Diet Plan – Weight Loss Results Before and After Reviews

Anti-Inflammation Diet Plan

If you’ve ever had to ice a swollen wrist or elevate your leg to treat a swollen knee, you’re familiar with inflammation, at least in terms of how it looks on the outside.

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When an area of your body becomes red and swollen, and feels hot, it’s actually a good thing. Inflammation is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right – it’s time to rest and let your wrist (or your knee) heal.

A similar thing can happen inside your body too – certain tissues can become inflamed to signal to other parts of your body that healing needs to occur. While temporary inflammation throughout your body is normal, when it lasts and/or becomes persistent – called chronic inflammation – inflamed areas of the body can actually become damaged. If untreated, eventually, this could lead to other processes that may, eventually, begin to trigger certain illnesses and diseases.

You’ve probably heard that some foods can cause inflammation throughout your digestive tract. In a very simple sense, this is true. So you might also be wondering: are there foods that cause inflammation – and should I stop eating them? Are there foods that make inflammation go away – and should I eat more of them?

Is there an anti-inflammation diet I can follow to keep myself from getting sick?

While there’s no guarantee that eating the “right” foods will be able to prevent all diseases, eating less of certain foods might prevent you from developing chronic inflammation – or make sure the inflammation you’re already experiencing doesn’t get any worse.

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